Advertising and Promotion

Utilize printed postcard size invitations and possibly newspaper ads and radio spots. Social media will be an excellent value. Place ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, even some live videos on periscope and Facebook live. Investigate the email marketing opportunity.

Casting The Net

There are many ways you can let people know about this great event, Pentecost Sunday. Just remember that people will base their opinion of your church on the material they receive. Logo artwork and customizable ads are available free of charge here on the website.

Here are some suggestions:

Door Hangers: Have door hangers printed, and blitz the neighborhoods closest to your church. Make the door hangers available for people to take home from the Launch Service. This way they can cover their neighborhood at a time convenient for their schedule.

Fliers: Have fliers printed at your local printer. Be sure to “customize” by adding your church information. Remember that you are projecting the image of your church to many people who know nothing about Pentecost, so do your best. 

Invitations, Tracts: Postcard size invitation 

You may want to pass out smaller invitations or tracts. Business card size invitations are handy and, many times, are less expensive. Be sure to include all the vital information mentioned.

Newspaper Ads: You will find customizable, quality advertisement designs free on the website. Check with your newspaper for prices on different sizes. Depending on your newspaper’s circulation, you may find something very affordable. 

Editorials: Check with your newspaper’s religion editor. Let him know what is going on, and you may receive some free coverage.

Radio: Utilize a local radio station. There may be a possibility of free airtime for PSAs (public service announcements), but the best times to be on the air may need to be purchased. Drive time in the morning & evening is an excellent time if you can obtain it. In addition to the “taggable” radio spot provided here, you may be interested in producing your spot that could sponsor the news during drive time in the afternoon.

Sample radio spot: (Sound of meter ticking/hum of electricity in background…)
“Stoves…  refrigerators… televisions. Computers… fax machines… copiers.

At home and at work… they all need the power to keep going. So… you just plug them in.

But what about you? Where do you get the power to keep going? How do you plug into an inexhaustible supply of energy and power? The answer comes from two thousand years ago—on the Day of Pentecost, just as Jesus promised— “Ye shall receive power after the Holy Ghost is come upon you.”

The First United Pentecostal Church welcomes you to tap into that power…to fill the void in your soul that only God’s Spirit can fill…So walk through the door of a greater spiritual experience. 

Join us this weekend for Pentecost Sunday, at 10 am & 6 pm, 1234 Your Street Road, Your City.

Visitor Material: Make sure you have enough visitor cards, visitor packets, and other materials on hand. You obviously want to be able to follow up with the visitors to obtain a home Bible study and also to invite them to return.